Modern IT systems are required to support more than just employees who work in the office from 9 to 5. Customers - anywhere - need to make purchases 24/7; partners and vendors around the world must have access to information at all times. Your "e-business" has to be running at peak performance at all times, and companies that choose to do it all "in house" need to keep in mind the challenges of staff retention, and the benefits of planning around distributed responsibility and expertise, rather than putting all the IT eggs in one or two baskets.

USP helps companies to focus on their core business competence, while we provide and maintain their online systems. Outsourcing hosting and system administration provides a simple value proposition - clients can leverage our expertise and economies of scale to save money and improve system performance. Our versatile networks employ redundancy within cutting-edge cloud technology, and we strive to provide long term value for customers within a business partnership, we are not about"spot sales".

Basics: USP Networks provide (and advises on) a range of Internet domain management and hosting services, plus connectivity solutions from dial-up to Gigabit Ethernet.

We also offer consultancy, design and services with a range of satellite hosting options, including DVBS, for all types of streaming audio and video broadcasts, static file and on-demand solutions.

The Internet should not be allowed to become a high tech advertising/brochure medium for global brands that spend all their time and energy hiding behind complex and specious marketing, infuriating call centres with labyrinthine web support schemes. Too much Internet marketing is devised to divert attention from the fact that the same old indifferent service that was once provided by indifferent people, is now delivered by even more indifferent machinery!

There are well over a billion more Internet users worldwide than when USP began; and you might be surprised to know we are relieved that they mostly started their journey (in the UK) with companies like AOL, Compuserve, Demon, Virgin, TalkTalk and BT. These companies operate on a scale that inevitably cuts corners and pares every aspect opf service to the bone - so unsurprisingly, they regularly feature in "worst customer experience" surveys. 

USP provides a versatile and exclusive bespoke service for a limited number of customers who want to deal with people; not interactive voice response schemes and call centres in far away places.